Volunteering in Swaziland Changhua Senior High Students Develop New Perspective of Life

Lewis Lu, Director of Library of National Changhua Senior High school, Taiwan, emphasizes the special ideal,“ Finish reading by taking action.” For four consecutive years, lead students Changhua Senior High to volunteer in Swaziland.

Students are inspired and changed by the trip. Raymond Lin(left), who hoped for a long time to be an architect when graduated from high school, changed his mind after the trip to become a doctor and was admitted to Medicine department of National Yang-Ming University Taiwn last week. Patrick Hun (middle), who was admitted to Medicine department of National Defense University, gave up to be a doctor, but decided to attend Materials Science and Engineering Department of National Taiwan University which he is also admitted to, for the reason that he wanted to earn more money to help those poor African children, like the American richman who donates big sum of momey to the Heart for Africa to launch Canaan Project.

Raymond Lin wishes to be one of Médecins Sans Frontières

Begins from 2008, Lewis raises fund for 20 students to volunteer in Swaziland every summer.Most of the students have the chance first time to take airplane and fly to Africa and it has changed their view of the world and their future life. The volunteer project was sponsored by Stan Shih, Acer founder, Jheng Ya Ren, president of FSP Group, and Patrick Sun president of Taiwan ballerina Company. There were 20 students participating in this activity in 2009, they volunteered in the local orphanage. The trip strongly influenced their decisions when they were applying for the universities.

“I can hardly imagine that there’s a place full of poverty, diseases and hunger. If I could save them from poverty and diseases, it will definitely be the most meaningful thing in my life.” Raymond Lin said. To design beautiful house has always been his dream; however, after the volunteering experience in Swaziland, he made up his mind to be a doctor and to devote himself to helping the poor.

Patrick Hung Choose to be an Entrepreneur to Help People

Studying medicine has always been Patrick Hung and his parents’ dream. And he was both admitted to Medicine Department of National Defense Medical University and Material Science and Engineering Department of National Taiwan University, two top universities in Taiwan. But he decided to study Material Department and persuaded his parents to agree with it. “I hope to be an entrepreneur in the future so I will make lots of money and have enough funds to continue changing the environment in Africa.” he said.

Originally, Joe Chen(right) didn’t have any idea about medicine. However, after the mission trip to Swaziland, he decided to be a doctor so that he could help African people who are lack of medical resource. Joe Chen got excellent grade in College Entrance Examination, and he was admitted to Dentistry Department of Kaohsiung Medical University.

Director Library of Changhua Senior High School, Lewis Lu appreciates those entrepreneurs with ideal. Because of their generosity, they sponsor the senior high students to walk out of their comfort Zone, and develop the valuable concept of helping the need.

From the Liberty Times on May 5, 2011.

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