Part One: Wake Up By: Chinua Hawk

So here I am about a month out from my trip to Swaziland and this is the first morning I’ve had to really think about it.  Months have gone by filled with task after task leaving me exhausted and completely out of gas and ideas.  Consumed with these “tasks” I put the important things aside and focused on just getting it done.  Frustration ensued and chaos arrived soon after, and it never occurred to me to seek Gods direction. I just needed to get “it” done.  I hadn’t read my bible in a few months and almost completely stopped praying, and the worst part is that I didn’t even realize it.

Two days ago I was convicted for not praying before I went to bed which was something I never failed to do until recently.  So I prayed. The next day I opened my bible up and read. I prayed again. This morning I woke up with a clear mind and more importantly I felt Gods presence again.  So I laid in bed for awhile reading, praying and thinking. I started thinking about my childhood and it hit me that I never wanted for anything.  I was never hungry. I was never without clothing or a comfortable home.  I have a mother that loved her children and worked her fingers to the bone to make sure we had what we needed. I had pets, toys and a bedroom decorated with my favorite action heros.  I could go on but one might get the idea that I’m bragging.  Trust me I’m not.  What I’m understanding this morning is that when something is your normal experience you don’t always look at it as something special or a blessing, it’s just what you have.  Some of us can go a life time without realizing how blessed we are.

My thoughts then drifted from my own experience to the reality of the orphans of Swaziland. They don’t have parents, no mother or father to love , protect and care for them. How long will it be until their next meal? Where do they sleep at night or keep warm? Who shields them from the predators?  I don’t know this world and the thought of growing up like that breaks my heart.  My grandmother used to say “God always sends somebody by.” I get what she means now. God is sending me and countless others from around the world to go “by” and represent Him by helping His children.  So for now I’m listening for the Fathers voice. I’m going where He has directed me and that place is Swaziland, Africa.

To be continued…

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