Obeying the Call by Debora Woods

HOW Jewelry Team - July 2009

HOW Jewelry Team - July 2009

As I boarded the first of two flights toward my very first Heart for Africa trip in Kenya, I didn’t quite know what to expect.  I was joining a group of volunteers who had been tasked to help widows and orphaned children in Kenya.  Other than that I was happy to be available and flexible during the trip.  What I was certain of, is that I needed to go on this trip because I was being called to something.  I just wasn’t sure of what that something was.  My presence on the trip was an act of obedience to this calling.  Otherwise, why would I leave the United States on the July 4th weekend, one of my favorite holidays of the year?  Why would I go half way around the world to an unfamiliar place and spend time with people that I had never met?  The answers to these questions would become clearer as the trip unfolded.

When I finally met the other volunteers, I could quickly discern that this group had a love for people outside of their individual spheres of influence.  They had come from all over the United States, each with their own rich stories of how they were led to participate on this trip.   We jumped into the trip with open hearts and flexible spirits. Read the rest of this entry »

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