Team Set to Summit Mt. Baldy, Raise Funds for African Nation By Hollie Reina

A group of Glendorans and other locals will join hikers around the world on June 25, 2011 as they summit some of the highest peaks in the world all in an effort to raise funds and promote global awareness for the impoverished African nation of Swaziland.

‘Summit 4 Hope’ began with the idea of  climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa  and soon spread to include hiking teams from Taiwan, the United States, Canada and Swaziland all hiking on behalf of an organization called ‘Heart for Africa.’

‘Heart for Africa’ is a Christian faith-based non-profit dedicated to “providing care and hope for a future for children in [the] small African nation [of Swaziland].”

While the AIDS epidemic has left an estimated 200,000 orphans in a country the size of New Jersey and an average life expectancy of 29 years, children are the primary focus of ‘Heart for Africa’ and their many programs.

Programs such as Project Canaan that will help create self-sustainability through farming as well as create income through export and provide education to both children and adults.

According to one of the team leads Sarah Barron of Southland Properties in Glendora, funds raised from the Summit 4 Hope climb will directly benefit three important builds under the Project Canaan banner. The El Roi baby home, a home for orphaned children. The occupational training building. And the ISO building which is an agricultural facility built to package and store food.

Team California which will summit 10,068 ft. Mt. San Antonio (Mt. Baldy) is being led by Glendora resident Wolfgang Buehler. Under his direction several teams of hikers will climb one of three routes to the top of Mt. Baldy where a picture of all the hikers will be taken with the ‘Heart for Africa’ flag.

Buehler, a local business owner said of his involvement with the program, “I’m proud, honored and humbled to be able to assist heart for Africa in helping so many deserving orphans or deserving people.”

Several local organizations have organized groups to hike including, Glenkirk Church, Glendora Ridgerunners, Glendora Village business owners and more.

Zack Swire of Swire Marketing Inc. in Glendora will be leading Team Swire.

Swire, who had always wanted to be involved in philanthropy, spent a great deal of time searching for a project that, as he said, “was not just throwing our money at something.”

Summit 4 Hope clicked with him on a number of levels.

He believed in ‘Heart for Africa’ and the people involved. “Their heart is really there,” he stated.

Swire also liked the physicality of Summit 4 Hope. The idea that you could motivate yourself to do more both physically and charitably was a key reason for his involvement in the summit project.

Mt. San Antonio, more commonly known as Mt. Baldy, is the tallest mountain in the San Gabriel range and in Los Angeles County. Summit hikes will be offered at three different levels and distances including, a 2.5 mile, a four mile and an eight mile hike.

All hiking mileage is measured one-way and the hikes are not considered easy. The shortest route according to Swire is the equivalent of doing Garcia trail twice. The longest route will gain 6,000 feet in elevation en route to the summit.

Team California hopes to have all of its hikers reach the top of Mt. Baldy by 11 a.m. in order to do a group photo shoot.

The collective worldwide goal for Summit 4 Hope is to raise $150,000. Team California will attempt to raise $20,000-$30,000 of that by registering hikers ($35 or $50 with a t-shirt and wristband) and by collecting donations/hiker sponsorships.

June 25 hikes will also take place on the following world peaks:

  • Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,340′) the tallest mountain in Africa.
  • Mt. Jade (12,966′) the tallest mountain in Taiwan.
  • Mt. Hope (3,727′) the highest point at Project Canaan in Swaziland.
  • Mt. Elbert (14,433′) in Colorado, the second tallest mountain in the lower 48 states.
  • Mt. Mauna Kea (13,796′) the tallest mountain in Hawaii
  • Mt. Brasstown Bald (4,784′) the tallest mountain in Georgia.
  • Heart Mountain (7,005′) in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

To join a hiking team and register to hike or to make a donation to Summit for Hope you can visit or email Zack Swire at

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Baking Cakes for Africa

It’s 8:00 on a Sunday morning and I wake to the sound of the oven beeping to tell my father that another cake is finished.  I walk upstairs to the kitchen from my room in the basement and the smell that enters my nose is heavenly.  My father, Matthew Bozdech, is hard at work baking chocolate angel food cakes so that my mother can go to Africa.  He has a full time job, but he still finds the time to bake the cakes for my mom, even if that means he has to record his favorite show, N.C.I.S, when it’s on until he has the time to watch it J.  We jokingly call my father Mr. Crocker after Betty Crocker, but his cakes are way better than any boxed cakes that can be bought.  He has gotten so many orders from people just wanting to help out in any way possible.  Thirty cakes is the last count that we have taken.  We never tell people how much they must pay, but we do tell them that all the profit will go to help my mother go to Swaziland, Africa, in July.  People have given up to fifty dollars for one of his cakes!  Some people have ordered even a couple cakes!  They take around one and a half hours to make.  Wow, what a sacrifice for my father to make for my mother!  The smell of chocolate angel food cake has permeated our house!  I was at school one day, reached over my shoulder to slide my book bag strap on, and smelled his cake in my jacket one time.  It was an instant reminder of how much my father loves my mother.

Even though I am eighteen and only senior in high school, I have been thinking that I hope to find a husband that will be willing to make sacrifices for his wife, and that I will be able to make sacrifices for my husband just like my father is doing for my mom.  My mother, Tammy Bozdech, is so grateful for my father’s sacrifice.  I will also be travelling with my mother to Swaziland.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to take part in a trip like this with my mother before I start college and my life just gets busier.

I have been thinking about Christ’s sacrifice for us too.  He gave his life so we could spend an eternity with Him.  Now, that is love!  What better way to show God’s love than by giving it away, and that’s what my mother and I plan to do in Africa.  My father is helping to make that happen.

By: Madalyn Hope Bozdech

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