Child Sponsorship Spotlight

emk1640_largeMeet three year old Temahlubi Dlamini from Emmanuel Khayalethu in Swaziland.  Temahlubi is HIV positive and has recently been struggling with a severe case of Tuberculosis.  She is a sweet little girl that loves to be held and loves the interaction with the Heart for Africa volunteers.

Temahlubi has one sponsor today sponsoring her for $30 per month.  She needs $90 per month to reach full sponsorship.  Help Temahlubi and the other children living at Emmanuel by choosing a monthly commitment of $30, $60, or $90.

Sponsor Me Today

Heart for Africa’s Child Sponsorship program provides for the daily needs of the children living in our partner homes in Kenya and Swaziland.  The funds you donate are pooled with other sponsors for the same home to provide food, clothing, healthcare, and education for all of the children living in the home.  Our program provides you with an affordable way to make a lasting impact in a child’s life.  Full sponsorship is $120 per month and you may choose any amount in $30 increments up to the full sponsorship available for the child.  More children can be found on our website.

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