The Beanie Machine Goes Global

IMG_beaniemapWe are so happy with the response to the Beanie Machine.  Our goal is 15,000 for the July 23 Litsemba event, but we feel confident that we will far surpass that number. There has been such excitement from people around the globe about the Beanie Machine. We now have groups and individuals from 29 states in the United States, 4 Canadian provinces, 5 African countries, 4 European countries, Japan, China, and Antarctica making beanies for the children of Swaziland. Click the map for a larger image.

From Canada alone, we have already received 2,300 beanies so far. And we know that this is just the start. Thank you all so much for taking on the challenge of knitting the thousands of beanies. With shipments scheduled to begin arriving in Alpharetta in February, stay tuned for photos and more stories from the Beanie Machine.

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Beanies from Malawi

The Beanie Machine is literally moving across the entire world. Women, and some men, are hard at work making beanies for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Swaziland.

Women in Malawi knitting beanies

Women in Malawi knitting beanies

We just received this picture from Malawi. This is just one of several women in Malawi, living with AIDS and unimaginable poverty, volunteering their time to knit beanies for children in Swaziland. Children they will never meet, but feel called to help.

Have you joined the Beanie Machine? Send us a quick email at to join The Beanie Machine.

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The Beanie Machine on 100 Huntley Street

The Heart for Africa ‘Beanie Machine’ is on the move.  Today, “The Machine” was featured on the Christian television program 100 Huntley Street in Toronto.  Are you part of the machine?  Find out more at “The Beanie Machine“.

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