Taking the Ordinary and making it Holy – Chris Cheek

Sunday morning has arrived, computer started, word document open and ready to write my Sunday Update.  For the first week in almost two years I thought I had found a week I had nothing to write about.  After a few minutes of walking through the week in my mind and nothing jumping out at me to write about I found myself thinking, “have I done anything this past week?”

To answer that questions I clicked on the photo link of my pictures on my phone to see what was on my weekly photo journal of life at Project Canaan to maye help trigger something to write about:

Sunday – Quiet day of reflection, down time, rest

Monday – Transported a mentally instable woman in the back of a pickup truck to the police department as she threatened me with her cane and I played with toddlers

Tuesday – Prepared for coming visitors to Project Canaan, taught ballet and I played with toddlers

Wednesday – New little one arrived giving us 140 children and I played with toddlers

Thursday – Five hour ride to Jo’burg to greet visitors

Friday – Five hour ride back to Project Canaan with visitors, stop at the Glass Factory, grocery shopping and I played with toddlers

Saturday – Marathon tour for visitors of Project Canaan and I played with children

Now here I am on Sunday morning preparing for another week, starting the morning writing like all other Sunday mornings.  Taking the ordinary week of life on a farm in the bush with 140 children and telling the story.  Six weeks away from Advent, six weeks away from my first real time off in two years.  Six weeks to take the ordinary and making it a Holy time because “Advent” is coming.  As each day is ticking past with the rhythms of the day, my anticipation is building, I am “coming” home soon to visit my family and friends.  But for now I have six weeks of the ordinary and I must make each day Holy – for soon Advent arrives.   Yes it was an ordinary week that was Holy I got to “play in the yard and hug babies,” taking the ordinary and making it Holy. 

The journey continues…….


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