I Know You By Name… Long-Term Volunteer Chris Cheek

This week our 120th baby arrived home to a place of love, safety and family.  One hundred and twenty children with the oldest two being 5 years old.   That is 120 children to get up, dressed and fed, 120 children to run and play.  Ok, so some are too young to run but at least 90 can run or are beginning to run. Days of diaper changing and potty training mutiplied by 120 times. Books to be read, songs to be sung, counting and colors all by 120 little ones.  Laughter and tears, upset tummies and mumps, birthday cakes and water sprinklers (when there has been rain), bubbles and monkies all in the life of 120 little ones. 
One hundred and twenty little ones each with their own name. Each one with twinkles in their eyes, moods and personalities. Beth has an incredible gift of language. She has taught me more siSwati than I’ve learned from anyone else.  Daniel that always wants me to “come, GoGo, come.”  Lenah and Abigail giggling like teenagers. Angel and Phephile running across the yard. Isaac with a smile that will light the world and dimples to melt your heart. Seth yelling across the yard, “GoGo, GoGo. ”  Rahab always the last at the table to finish eating.  Roy quiet and reserved, Joash kicking the soccer ball, LoLo singing in the middle of the night and Gabriella with her thumb in her mouth.  They all have a name. 
One hundred and twenty little ones that in the past year and a half I have lived with 77 of the children. Thirty- eight have moved up the hill to the big kid’s home (3 and 4 year-olds) and thirty-nine two year-olds now. Yes, I have lived with 77 children and yes, I know their names. I know their laughter and their cries. I see their good days and their bad ones.  They tug on my skirt and they say “and me, and me.”  They call me GoGo and I know their name. The new babies I’m learning and some day I will say I know all their names, but for today I live and play with 77 little ones and I know their names. 
The journey continues……
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