Song of the Night – Jesus Loves the Little Children, Chris Cheek

Finally this week I’ve gotten back on my normal schedule for the first time since early January.  I love the rhythms of my days here in Africa. 
My day begins between 4:30 and 4:45 am. I enjoy the quiet for about 15 minutes then go to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee. Once it is ready I find my way back down the dark hallway to my room and begin my morning routine; daily scripture readings, prayer time and enjoying the silence of living in the bush waiting for the morning sounds to begin. 
About 5:30 I hear the engine hum of the Toyota pickup coming up the hill to the children’s home. As the truck pulls in the parking area I hear the laughter of the aunties that live out in the community as the crawl out the back of the truck to begin their day of work.  A few minutes later the engine starts up and heads on down to the farm for the next task on the driver’s list. 
Soon after the day shift aunties arrive the sounds of the babies waking up echo out the windows of the baby home across the yard and into my bedroom window.  As I listen to the waking babies I find comfort and peace in the noises of the little ones as the sun is coming up over the mountain.   
Each morning around 6 am the energy changes from waking babies to the gentle chatter of a few of the girls in the room next to mine as their day begins. The talking is followed with giggles until all ten girls in that room are awake talking and singing.  Some days it is clapping and chanting “dansa, dansa, dansa” siSwati for dance, dance, dance.  Some days it is ABCs, some days it is church songs and some days children’s songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider, but no matter whether they are singing or saying it always fills the hallways and my room with the sounds of joy and laughter.
My body and spirit is feeling so much better now that I’m waking up early and following the natural morning rhythms. Well that is until Saturday morning. As I began waking from a very, deep deep sleep I heard  the song of “Jesus Loves the Little Children” coming from the girl’s room. I felt like I was in a deep thick fog. Through my mind ran the disappointing thought that all week I had been waking up early and now I had slept through my morning prayer time. I just felt completely out of sync, a set back of morning routine, maybe it was going to take me a little longer this time to get back on schedule.
I snuggled under the covers to listen to the sounds of the sweet girls singing, slowly slid my arm out from the cover to grab my phone on my night stand to check the time to see if I could get a few minutes of being lazy before I needed to start my day.  My thumb went on the round start button, the background light came on the screen and there was the time – 2:30 am.  Ohhh my, the whole room of older 2 year-old girls were wide awake and singing Jesus Loves the Little Children – the Song of the Night. I knew immediately it had to be LoLo instigating this middle of the night sing-along and I was right. They all quickly sold her out – “LoLo was singing!”   LoLo continued off and on throughout the night singing and clapping. The other girls would drift off to sleep but LoLo kept going, singing sometimes alone and sometimes with whoever would wake up and join in. I drifted in and out of sleep as the sweet voices of 2 year-olds filled the quiet of the night.
Four thirty came, my routine began – coffee, prayers and reading.  Ten little girls finally drifted off to sleep around 5 after two and a half hours of singing.  Nap time came finally at 1:30 pm and a GoGo and ten little girls quickly crawled into their beds for Hamba Lala (go to sleep) time. The joy of living in a house of 39 two year-olds.   
The journey continues…..
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