Today was the big day..moving day for our toddlers! By Janine Maxwell

Today was the big day .. moving day for our toddlers!

Today was an amazing day.  It was the fulfillment of a dream that began in March when the groundbreaking for the Labakhetsiwe Toddler Home.  Labakhetsiwe means “the chosen ones” and our children have certainly been hand chosen by God to live at Project Canaan.

Peter Muli and Mark Klee have done a great job with the design, planning and building of this large and beautiful home.  Their construction team has done the impossible and completed this building in 5+ short months, and not without challenges (that would be an understatement).  We are thankful for the people who gave financially for the building itself as well as all who provided funds for the furnishings and appliances.  As of today, we are fully funded (thank you friends in Canada who finished up the last of that need).

Today we moved 11 children to their new home, new bed and new environment.  We moved 7 Aunties (caregivers) who love the children every day and are called to raise up this future generation.  We moved 11 other “crawlers” over to the toddler home temporarily so that we can do a deep clean, fumigation and repair of the El Roi baby home.  Next week after all the work at El Roi is complete the 11 “crawlers” and 18 “tinies” (who are currently living at Kuthula Place away from the chaos of the move).

Labakhetsiwe has room for 56 toddlers and El Roi now has a bit more room for a few more babies.  We have 40 children in total right now (having received another set of twins last week  – Michael and Matthew).  So 11 will live at Labakhetsiwe and 29 at El Roi.  As soon as Jeremiah, Andrew, Paul and Ishmael are walking a bit better they will move over with the “big kids” and free up 4 spaces at El Roi.

We are all tired, but invigorated and encouraged by seeing the hand of God on this project each and every day.  I want to give a special shout out to Lori Marschall, Shelly Harp, Michelle Cover and Linda Hunter who all came from the US to help with this mammoth move.  We are always thankful for all of our volunteers and amazing Swazi and Kenyan staff.  You are all a joy to serve with.

Live from Swaziland … I am filled with joy.


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