Litsemba Worship Project

Litsemba Worship ProjectA few months ago, I was invited to join with a group of musicians and Heart for Africa people for a weekend of creating music.  We were called to meet in Atlanta to begin a music project that would reflect and speak about our experiences in Swaziland last summer.  As with many others that were there, I thought yeah, that sounds great, but what can I do?  Something like that is great for some people, but seems like something way over my head.

Well, of course it did. Most of what God calls us to do seems way over our heads. That’s the point. God often calls us to go and do things that are way out of our comfort zone. I believe he does that for a reason. So, that we must trust and rely on His grace to get us through. And as always this was the case, with all of us who excepted the invitation.

The goal was to think, talk, pray, and write about what God was speaking to us about our experiences in Swaziland.  So, that is what we did.  And out of this time together there were several songs written that will soon be recorded and available for all of you to enjoy.

As I think back on that weekend, I think of some little things that was said and think “that was the coolest part of the weekend”.  Then I think of another instance and say, “no, that was the coolest part”, and then another, and on and on.  So to single out one thing that happened would be impossible to do.  It was all so very cool.  What a great group of people.  They all brought a great heart to the sessions, each with their own perspectives and stories about how they were impacted. There were a lot of laughs, and times of very serious thought, and moments of tears as we recalled what we had seen.

I would like to say a special thanks to Ian and Janine for there hospitality and all the hard work it took to plan and pull off an event like this.  It’s not always easy dealing with musicians. :)  Also a big thanks to Tricia Ford.  Thanks for all your work behind the scene.

Thanks to the Coe family for the use of their beautiful house and for Mann and Leigh for their work with the camera.  And all the guys for their contributions, Laura Hawthorne, Austin Klee, Seth Condrey, Scottie Dugan, Mark Magee, Joseph Patrick Moore, and Masi Willis.  It was great to be with everyone again,and to meet their families that were able to join us for fellowship time.

Looking forward to the next time we have a chance to meet.

Thanks to everyone that helped to make that weekend one that was great fun and one that brought great joy to our Lord and King, Jesus.

~by Mark Hafliger

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