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Recently Janine and Ian Maxwell, founders of Heart for Africa traveled to Taiwan for a series of meetings and events.  Read on for an overview of their time in Taiwan.

The Launch of Heart for Africa – Taiwan

Last year, students from Taiwan traveled to Swaziland to serve with Heart for Africa along with their teacher, Mr. Lewis Lu.  The team of volunteers were a welcome addition to the volunteers from the US and Canada.

After returning home, Mr. Lu and others decided that to ensure a long term commitment to serving the children of Swaziland, they should start a charity.  And we are happy that they decided to join with Heart for Africa – US in the formation of this charity.  Heart for Africa – Taiwan will work on fund raising projects throughout Taiwan to help improve the lives of the people of Swaziland.  This year Mr. Lu and his students will return to Swaziland for another service project.  In addition to Mr. Lu’s team, traveling with Heart for Africa – US are 13 students and teachers form the Catholic Dioceses of Taichung, Taiwan.

Heart for Africa – Taiwan is a sister organization of Heart for Africa – US and Heart for Africa – Canada.

Meeting with the President of Taiwan and the Fervent Global Love of Life Award

During the visit, Janine was recognized as a recipient of the Fervent Global Love of Lives Award from the Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation.  This International award recognizes individuals that are helping to spread love and compassion all over the world.  Along with the other winners from Taiwan, Australia, Singapore, Japan, the US, and mainland China, Janine had the opportunity to meet with the President of Taiwan.  You can read more of his remarks on the official Taiwanese Presidential website.

Through her service to God and her love for the children of Africa, Janine was honored to be recognized by the people of Taiwan and the Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation.

10,000 Blankets Donated to the Children of Swaziland

As part of the Litsemba 2010 event in Swaziland on July 23, 2010, the Catholic Dioceses of Taichung, Taiwan, along with the Library of Changhua Senior High School and the Taiwan Catholic Mission Foundation, has donated 10,000 blankets to Heart for Africa.  These are not just any blankets.  These blankets are eco-friendly blankets made from recycled plastic bottles.  The entire team working on the project even spent time cleaning the bottles and removing the labels before they were processed to make the blankets.

Joining the students and teachers was Swaziland’s Ambassador to Taiwan, Ambassador Gwebu.  At the time of the work, Ambassador Gwebu was not aware that the bottles were being cleaned to make blankets for the children of her country.  Later, she was very happy to learn that the blankets were bound for Swaziland.

Check out the photo slideshow for pictures of the blanket drive.

“Is It Okay With You” Released in Chinese

Following last year’s launch of It’s Not Okay With Me in Chinese, Heart for Africa co-founder Janine Maxwell’s newest book, Is It Okay With You, was recently released in Chinese.  All proceeds from the sale of the book will help fund the mission trips of Taiwanese students to serve in Swaziland.  In response to the second book being made available in Chinese, Janine stated, “I’m so pleased to know that people throughout Taiwan and mainland China will have an opportunity to read the stories of so many that have decided it is not okay with them.  Together with volunteers from the United States and Canada, we all can make a marked improvement in the lives of the children of Swaziland and Kenya.”

Catholic Dioceses Donates $30,000 to Heart for Africa

We are very excited to announce that the Catholic Dioceses of Taichung, Taiwan has donated $20,000 USD to Heart for Africa.  This donation will be used by Heart for Africa to build the first caregivers home on Project Canaan.  With the construction about to begin on the first home for babies, providing a home for the caregivers is the next step in opening the home.  We are so thankful for the amazing generosity of the people of the Catholic Dioceses of Taichung.

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