Taiwanese Diocese gives blankets to African orphans

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Father Mbwi Khohi (center) donates blankets bought by the late Monsignor Peter Wu’s savings to a student volunteer as Bishop Martin Su Yao-wen looks on

TAICHUNG, Taiwan (UCAN) — Taichung diocese is appealing to Taiwanese to support a campaign to buy blankets for orphan children of HIV/AIDS parents in Swaziland.

The 580 Send love to Africa campaign aims to fulfill the wish of the late Monsignor Peter Wu to serve needy African children.

Monsignor Wu served at Nantun Mother of God Church for 17 years till he died in October 2009. He was diocesan chancellor prior to this appointment.

In the last two years of life, he came to know Congolese priest Father Mbwi Khohi who has been working in Taiwan for more than two decades. The African priest was sent to work in Nantun parish and also looked after Monsignor Wu.

During this time, the elderly Monsignor Wu got to know more about the plight of African people.

He then decided to use half of his savings to help African children.


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