15,000 Orphans, 300 Volunteers

On July 23rd, 2010 Heart for Africa will sponsor an event called Celebrate Litsemba (Litsemba means HOPE in siSwati). This four hour event will take place at the National Stadium in Swaziland and our special guests will be 15,000 orphans from the four regions of this Kingdom. This celebration of hope will be filled with praise and worship, music, dance, drama and the message of true hope for all who have ears to hear.

As the AIDS pandemic continues to kill the adults in the country of Swaziland a wave of orphans is left in the wake.  It is estimated that there are more than 200,000 orphans in Swaziland today with 8,000 new orphans every month. In 2010 Heart for Africa will begin work with local churches in Swaziland to care for the orphans and vulnerable children in their communities providing for them physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Teams will be divided into groups of 10-12 people and will serve at one church location for the entire week to work alongside that church to provide sustainable care for the local children while preparing for Celebrate Litsemba event.

Stephen Lungu will share a message of HOPE!

After being abandoned by his mother on a street corner at the age of four while holding his baby sister, Stephen’s life spun out of control.  For 15 years he lived a life of crime, violence and despair in his gang called “The Black Shadows”.  It all changed the night he attempted to murder 3,000 people in a tent ministry in Zimbabwe.  His life was transformed in an instant and has spent the rest of his days sharing his story with people around the world.

Stephen Lungu, author Out of the Black Shadows and President of African Enterprises with offices in 10 African countries and others around the world.

TAKE ACTION – Join us in July 2010

We are looking for 300 volunteers of all ages to travel to Swaziland from July 15-25, 2010 to work alongside churches to identify children in orphan-headed households, plant church gardens and engage local children in Camp Litsemba, a Vacation Bible School style program.  We are looking for people who can teach at the Camp, garden, play musical instruments and encourage the people in the church who are caring for these children.  This is an ideal service trip for families from age 3 to 90.

Community work: July 15-25, 2010
Dental team: July 15-25, 2010
Medical team:  July 21-31, 2010
Follow-up Community team: July 26-August 5

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One Response to “15,000 Orphans, 300 Volunteers”

  1. Mary Irvine Says:
    December 9th, 2009 at 4:26 pm

    I was watching Huntley St. for the first time today in a long time, and this just tugged at my heart. I have a heart for orphans and widows as Isaiah 58 commands.
    I have been a Christian for 45 years, am a Pastor of a little church is a small town near Port Perry. On July 18, is my 65th burthday, and can’t think of a better way top celebrate, if the Lord wills and my husband will come along. He is a retired builder, and I am very sure he would be of great assistance. A miracle needs to happen because these things really make him uncomfortable and afraid. I will pray that the Lord will open the door if you would have us.
    Mary Irvine