Get Down Swazi Style – By Amber VanWinkle, Heart for Africa Long-Term Volunteer

Serving in Swaziland is one of the most amazing experiences of our married life. We have enjoyed learning the culture, loving the kids, and falling more and more in love with God as we serve Him here in Swaziland.

We have had many memorable experiences, from Kenny driving the wrong way in the box truck when we first got here to praying with the older boys before bed. One of our favorite moments is captured in this amazing video below. We have Bible story and worship time everyday at school. We teach truths during this time that will make an eternal impact on the heart of these children forever.

One of the songs we worship to is Get Down. Get Down is one of my favorite kid songs EVER!  I used to sing this song when I worked at Auburn Church in Upstreet.  Now I am in Swaziland dancing with these amazing children.  The song has so many great truths that children of every culture need to know.  They need to know that…

In your weakness He is stronger.
In Your darkness He shines through.
When you’re crying He’s your comfort.
When your all alone, He’s carrying you.

He will continually lift us up – such a perfect truth. God is continually lifting Kenny and I up as we serve Him in Swaziland.  He is carrying us!  We know that He is our strength and comfort. So thankful for this truth and that these beautiful children get to learn it at such a young age.

Have so much fun watching the video because we sure did making it!

Link to video:

Shining Bright,

Amber VanWinkle
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