Beanies and Blankets Starting the Trip to Swaziland

Africa November 2009-58Several months ago we asked you to knit beanies and collect blankets for the children of Swaziland. And you delivered. This week, the first shipping container full of blankets and beanies will leave Atlanta, GA destined for Swaziland. This 20′ container will include a portion of the 12,000 blankets that you all collected and 19,000 beanies that you knitted.

We can’t thank you enough for your commitment to this project and your desire to give these gifts to the children.

Thank you!

The Team at Heart for Africa

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Projects at our Partner Homes

Heart for Africa partners with children’s homes in Swaziland and Kenya.  Together, there are over 400 children living at these homes.  We are excited to see the development of the homes over the past few years.  As they grow, needs continue to develop.  We have four projects that we are working on at this time.  Please consider a donation to help us complete these important projects.

New Hope Center

New Hope Center is located in Swaziland and is home to  children.  We are working to provide septic and hot water in the boy’s dorm and the girl’s dorm.  These amenities will drastically improve the quality of life for the New Hope Center children.

Total Funds Needed: $5,470

Donate from the United States
Donate from Canada

El Shaddai Children’s Home

El Shaddai is located in Swaziland and is home to 70 children.  The private school at El Shaddai provides a quality education for the children living in the home and many other children from the nearby homesteads.  The El Shaddai school was the first completely free school in Swaziland.

El Shaddai has recently completed construction of 3 teachers homes.  Providing housing for the teachers is a great benefit to ensure consistent employment of high quality teachers.  We are currently raising funds to build three more teachers homes.  Each will provide a home for two teachers.

Total Funds Needed: $7,210 per home

Donate from the United States
Donate from Canada

Strong Tower Children’s Home

Located in Kenya, Strong Tower is home to approximately 50 children.  The home recently opened a new dorm which increased capacity from 24 to 70+.  However, the home does not have a proper kitchen.  Each day, the cook prepares three meals outside over an open fire.  We would like to build a proper kitchen for Strong Tower.

Total Funds Needed: $15,200

Donate from the United States
Donate from Canada

Merciful Redeemer Children’s Home

Merciful Redeemer is located in Kenya and is home to approximately 100 children.  Although the home has sufficient space to house the children, the two dorms do not have showers and toilets.  The children bathe each day in buckets in the yard and use toilets in outhouses near the dorms.  The showers and toilets are in place, but need a septic system completed before they can be used.

Total Funds Needed: $6,100

Donate from the United States
Donate from Canada

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Taiwanese Diocese gives blankets to African orphans

Diocese gives blankets to African orphans thumbnail
Father Mbwi Khohi (center) donates blankets bought by the late Monsignor Peter Wu’s savings to a student volunteer as Bishop Martin Su Yao-wen looks on

TAICHUNG, Taiwan (UCAN) — Taichung diocese is appealing to Taiwanese to support a campaign to buy blankets for orphan children of HIV/AIDS parents in Swaziland.

The 580 Send love to Africa campaign aims to fulfill the wish of the late Monsignor Peter Wu to serve needy African children.

Monsignor Wu served at Nantun Mother of God Church for 17 years till he died in October 2009. He was diocesan chancellor prior to this appointment.

In the last two years of life, he came to know Congolese priest Father Mbwi Khohi who has been working in Taiwan for more than two decades. The African priest was sent to work in Nantun parish and also looked after Monsignor Wu.

During this time, the elderly Monsignor Wu got to know more about the plight of African people.

He then decided to use half of his savings to help African children.


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A Perfect Easter

On Sunday, April 4, Christians all over the world will celebrate the resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I remember as a child, Easter being one of my favorite holidays.  I would wake to find a basket overflowing with candy in our living room left by the Easter Bunny.  My siblings and I would get dressed in our new Easter clothes and, with our parents, join our church family for the annual Easter Sunrise Service.  Later in the morning, we would stand in our church and sing hymns praising God as we reflected on the Cross and the salvation provided through the sacrifice of Jesus.  Later in the day, we would join all of our family at my grandparents house for a huge Sunday meal.  The adults would sneak out into the yard and hide hundreds of brightly colored eggs in trees, under bushes, and behind fence posts.  After all of the eggs were hidden, I would sprint out across the yard with all of my cousins in a race to find the most.  I don’t really remember the prize that was given to the winner.  But I do remember that Easter was fun.  It was my favorite.


This Easter though, I am reminded of the thousands of children in Swaziland that will not experience an Easter like mine.  They will not have new clothes to wear or a basket filled with candy when they wake on Sunday morning.  They will not have parents that dress them and take them to church and then to a feast fit for a King that afternoon.  They will not spend the day with their cousins running around a yard searching for brightly colored eggs.  No, this Easter will be just like any other day.  They will wake up cold and hungry and alone.  They will wonder if anyone knows that they even exist.

There are people that know they exist.  People that are praying for them everyday.  People that want to make a difference in their lives.  People just like you.  On this Easter, I ask that you join me in providing food for the children of Swaziland.  The Heart for Africa Gift Catalog is a great way to make a meaningful difference in these children’s lives.  Your $20 donation will help provide a large cooking kettle to one of our church partners.  These partners are providing daily care for the orphaned and abandoned children living in their communities.  With your $25 donation, Heart for Africa will be able to grow healthy food and fruit trees at Project Canaan providing nutritious meals to the children in our partner homes and in the communities around our partner churches.  Please join us this Easter in creating a new memory for the children of Swaziland.


Mann Nolan is the Director of Communications at Heart for Africa.  He lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife, Candice.

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