Team Cape is Raising $100,000

Heart for Africa CalendarOne team of Heart for Africa volunteers in Cape Girardeau, Missouri is on a mission.  A mission to raise $100,000 to build a children’s home at Project Canaan in Swaziland.  The team is led by Raelenna Ferguson and Teresa Birk.  You can watch an interview on the local NBC station in Cape Girardeau with Raelenna and Teresa at

To help raise the funds, the team has created a 2010 Heart for Africa calendar.  The funds from the calendar sales will be donated to the Jared Birk memorial fund with Heart for Africa.  Jared Birk is Teresa’s son who passed away just a few months after her return from Africa.

You can purchase a calendar on our website.  Each calendar is filled with beautiful pictures from volunteers that were taken over the past few years.  The calendar is only $15.00 + $3 S/H.

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The Next 90

The Next 90In June 2009, this raw land was purchased, dedicated, and development began. In six short months dams were built, wells dug, a Farm Directors building completed and African workers hired. The first 30 acres of land was cleared and prepared and the seeds went in the ground on November 5, 2009. The first harvest of maize was in March, 2010. This maize has been donated to our three partner orphanages and sold in the local market.

We are ready to clear and develop the next 90 acres immediately, but need the funds.

Can you help?

90 Acres of land needs to be cleared and developed

$5,000 per acre (one time capital costs included)

Click here to donate now.

For more information about Project Canaan, please contact:
Wayne Clark
Project Canaan Project Manager
Email: wclark(at)
Telephone: (404) 944-6003

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The First Project Canaan Trip

Project CanaanHeart for Africa is planning our first service trip to Project Canaan. Have you visited Project Canaan during a previous service trip and thought how great it would be to volunteer at this amazing location? Or maybe you have watched the videos and looked at the photos on our website and wanted your chance to visit this beautiful piece of land in Swaziland.

Now is your chance. After a year of development, we are excited to announce our first service trip with volunteers to Project Canaan from July 26 – August 5. This team of volunteers will work alongside the Project Canaan staff in the massive gardens and on light construction projects.

Register today for this first service opportunity at Project Canaan.

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Calling Fathers and Sons to Kenya

DSC_0939Are you a father looking for a unique service experience with your son this summer?  We have just the opportunity for you.  Heart for Africa is planning a Father/Son trip to Kenya to work at our partner Strong Tower.  Currently Strong Tower is home to 24 former street boys from the Naivasha, Kenya area.  We have an amazing opportunity to model for these young men a positive father/son relationship.  And, through this opportunity, you and your son(s) will have a one-of-a-kind bonding experience.

The team will depart from the US on July 2 and return on July 12.  During the service trip, you will stay in a comfortable hotel in the Naivasha area.  Located in the Rift Valley, Naivasha is only a 2.5 hour drive from Nairobi.  During the day, the team will do construction work and gardening at Strong Tower, while building lasting relationships with the boys living at the home.  With space for only 20 people, this trip will fill up fast. Reserve space for you and your son(s) today.  Click here for more details.

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